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Going to Israel

Chuck and I are going to Israel on October 11th and will be living in Tel Aviv for five weeks.  We have some plans– a Hebrew tutor, a trip to the Ramon Crater, photography lessons and time with physician leaders for Chuck, time at Kibbutzim College for me, visiting with family and friends– but we also want lots of time to just be, to live in Tel Aviv.  That includes early morning walks on the Tayelet alongside the sea, coffee on our rooftop terrace, walking tours of neighborhoods, seeing museums and galleries, shopping in the outdoor Carmel market.  We want to wake up each day and figure out what we want to do and see.  We will miss everyone here at home very much, but we can’t wait for this extraordinary opportunity to be in Israel for 5 weeks.  Follow my blog starting October 13th to read and see (through Chuck’s photos) how it goes.

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