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Returning to Israel

In the fall of 2012, I had a sabbatical after twelve years as dean, before returning to the faculty at Montclair State.  Chuck managed to carve out time from his job and we spent five glorious weeks living in Tel Aviv. (See the posts from 2012 if you’re interested.) Fast forward six and a half years, and we are going back to Tel Aviv for six weeks.  We are so grateful for this second opportunity to spend a good stretch of time together in Israel. As most of you know, Chuck and I met in Jerusalem almost 50 years ago when he knocked on my apartment door and asked for a shower. The rest is history.

So much has changed in our lives in six years.  We are both retired now, my mother and my brother-in-law Joe (may their memories be a blessing) are no longer with us, two more precious grandchildren were born, our oldest grandchild will become Bar Mitzvah in May and, we built our dream vacation home in the Berkshires.  I wish I could say the Prime Minister of Israel had also changed, but alas, it’s still Bibi.

I definitely feel six years older!  Last time, we rented an apartment built on the roof of a four story apartment building.  This time, we’ll be on the ground floor, near Rothschild Boulevard and Neve Tzedek.  Nonetheless, we hope to reprise our 2012 lifestyle in Tel Aviv, getting up each day and deciding where to go, taking our time getting there, walking, talking and observing people and places.  Happily, we ‘re going to resume Hebrew conversation sessions with our amazing tutor Lior and we plan to see our friends and family in Haifa, Jerusalem, and Avihayil.  On top of that, our dear friends Cindy and Jay, our faithful sidekicks in NJ and the Berkshires, will also be in Tel Aviv for the same period of time. Finally, during our last week in Israel, Chuck will be joining the Ramah bike ride in the Negev, raising money for the Tikvah programs at Camps Ramah. He’ll be training while we’re in Tel Aviv, which is easier terrain-wise than his usual rides in the Berkshire mountains, but harder due to traffic.

In 2012, I loved writing this blog, which helped me reflect on our experiences and share our adventures with family and friends. So, I’m going to resume the blog and I invite you to read it along the way and journey with us. I’ll post after we arrive and tell you how it feels to be back in Eretz Yisrael!

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